Interior design services for homes.

Analysis and diagnosis, Needs program

The first thing is to listen to you and understand your needs, motivations, tastes and preferences very well. Both the important and fundamental as the minimally desirable details. We clearly define the objectives of the project with you.

Study of space

We analyze the different routines that are carried out in each space of your home as well as the interrelationships between the functional areas to be able to make a distribution that exceeds your expectations. We want to make the most of the space and design a home that suits you perfectly.

Desing and creativity

We generate the global design concept and the decorative proposal based on the objectives defined for a practical home that makes the most of the spaces and adapts to the lifestyle and needs of the owners.

Assessment and execution of the project

We prescribe the materials and finishes and develop the technical planimetry of everything necessary (partitions, ceilings, lighting, air conditioning, custom furniture, etc.) to obtain comprehensive evaluations of the execution of the project.
We visit the house during the execution of the project as a facultative direction to supervise and solve any unforeseen event in this phase.

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