We are specialized in the design of clinics, medical centers, wellness and health. We perform interior design of dental clinics, physiotherapy clinics, veterinary clinics, beauty clinics, health clinics, medical clinics, etc.
We design taking into account the business objectives so that the design contributes to the improvement of functionality and differentiation. In a sector that is atomized it is very important to make a real and sustainable competitive advantage over time. Our work is to make differentiation visible and perceptible through design.
It all starts with a diagnostic study of your clinic. First, it identifies what is the current positioning with respect to the competition, what are the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the business. The corporate philosophy, its personality, the values that identify it are properly identified and established, what differentiates the clinic from its competence and what is the desired positioning and the goal to be achieved.
Next, we generate a communication strategy that guides the design of all the elements that accompany the business towards that goal. The brand is redesigned to adapt it to the strategy and the global design project that includes the interior design, the execution project and the construction management is developed.
The result is a global and complete design and interior design project so that your clinic shows its best version, so that the patient perceives the brand value proposition and generates stable links that provide trust and loyalty.

Below we show an example of the before and after the renovation of a dental clinic with more than thirty years in the sector. The business philosophy aims to position the patient and their needs as the central axis on which the clinic revolves and develops. This is the starting point of the corporate interior design project that focuses on improving the distribution of the premises (about 150 m2) to expand functional requirements and optimize communication between the different areas of the clinic and show the personality of the brand. For this, a natural soul space is conceived that improves the patient’s experience, paying special attention to reducing their stress, comfort and transmitting total well-being during their visit to the clinic.