Arnau dental clinic

With the challenge of repositioning and convey the brand values of this dental clinic led by the second generation of dentists, Vitale involves in an existing space with a project based on proximity, harmony and brand history.
The clinic is divided into an area for adults and another for children that are connected. The design concept is focused on reflecting the confidence provided by tradition and know-how of the brand. Adult area has been enhanced the warmth and traditional image using wood, with signs and decorative elements with museum aesthetic, in accordance with the original project character. Children’s area has been decorated with illustrations inspired by the characters created for a storytelling based on corporative values.

Corporate Communication Strategy | Interior Design

La clínica se divide en una zona para adultos y otra para niños, que quedan comunicadas en el área médica. Ambas zonas deben diferenciarse e identificarse sin confusión pero han de mantener una imagen aunada. Para ello el proyecto de interiorismo de la clínica dental propone como apoyo en el diseño interior un storytelling que explique la filosofía corporativa para cada área de la clínica dental: infantil y adultos.