Hairdressing design, Cabañero

A family business in which must live together very different kinds of customers. A dialogue between past and future, that make possible can accommodate the different customer and professionals profiles. A dialogue between past and the future, that makes possible to accommodate different customer profiles and professionals. A renovated hair salon, a new stage for the business headed by the second generation, without forgetting the origins. This was the challenge that has faced Vitale for the interior design of the new hair salon for whom also created the new branding.
The facade opens completely and turns the space into a great showcase. An atemporal, illuminated and tidy space that invites us to enter. Have come together materials usually found in traditional hairdressers that give neutral hues. The color palette used is monochromatic in order to emphasize the direct and elegant brand’s personality.

Corporate Communication Strategy | Interior Design | Naming | Branding

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