Hairdressing design, Pentinats Manoli

Breathing feminine and seductive atmosphere, generating a positive attitude, confidence and tranquility in a natural and comfortable climate. This is the starting point for the design of the brand and the interior of a business oriented aesthetic care and hair treatment.
The project updates a hairdresser salon of 30 m2, optimizing storage areas and providing an adequate lighting so necessary in this kind of spaces related to aesthetics. The design of the establishment evokes the traditional female dressing table through a set of mirrors that extends the space and a large backlit curtain that becomes a large lamp. This provides a warm natural light, ideal for the needs of the salon. Storage areas and exposure are integrated into the spacial volumetry.

Before and after

[:esProyecto de Interiorismo | Estrategia de Comunicación Corporativa | Marca: Vitale
Fotografías: Vitale

Corporate Communication Strategy | Interior Design | Branding