Hotel del Golf, Event Hall

GRAO DE CASTELLON, SPAIN | 500 m2 | 2016
With the challenge of renovating the image of the legendary Hotel del Golf in Grao de Castellon and return the splendor and popularity of its origins (1959), Vitale designs a project that enhances the features of its rationalist architecture.
For its privileged location, a few meters from the beach, it focuses on family tourism and holiday. One goal is to provide versatility to extend the range of leisure throughout the year. The project focuses on working coherently the personality of of a summer hotel and holiday.
The first phase of this change starts with the event hall, one of the most visible areas of the hotel and used. The design of the hall recreates a familiar looking space, comfortable, cool and friendly. Functional spaces that improve the social spirit of the hall are created: rest area, cafe snack bar, corners, working and recreation areas, etc.
The project recreates a fresh aesthetic with the iconic concepts of “tropical trend” in order to make users feel on holiday, no matter what time of year it is.

Corporate Communication Strategy | Interior Design
Photography: Gerard Arcos | Vitale