Isabel Cadroy brand

Branding for pediatric dentistry clinic, Castellón

The branding project highlights the corporate philosophy of the clinic: the importance of educating families to achieve good oral health and improve the quality of life of their patients. From this perspective, Vitale generates a common thread that highlights the idea of “learning at the dentist” conceptualizing the communication work required by the clinic to make dental processes and treatments understandable.

The creative axis is inspired by some of the learning forms of children’s cognitive development. The brand is generated taking as a starting point the wooden pieces construction games and the elemental geometry puzzles.

The result is a very conceptual, honest and simple brand, with great communication potential. A forceful typography is designed, with that childish language: the brand is built through geometries.

For the nomenclature of the clinic, a more direct name is proposed, understandable to all its audiences, which fits the profile of a specialized company and expert in pediatric dentistry. A short and decipherable name is displayed even for the smallest.

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