Sé Tú brand

“Sé Tú” is a clinic that offers a multidisciplinary service in dentistry and aesthetics. A clinic with more than fifteen years in the sector, in continuous evolution. The main objective of the business is to help and accompany clients towards a global well-being. Under the motto “Be Yourself”, the clinic will provide patients with the security and freedom to improve their lives in the areas of oral health, functionality and facial aesthetics.

The color palette for the brand and the interior design takes as a reference the transforming power of nature, typical of the “Sakura” concept and its symbolism, the potential of inner beauty that encourages us to be our best version.

An identity is designed that takes as inspiration the “reflection” in the mirror, the “being oneself”, with security and freedom. The brand is framed in a framework that symbolizes that reflection and the look towards transformation. The result is a simple and honest brand, with a very direct communicative power.

Corporate Communication Strategy | Branding