Concept and strategy, naming and brand design for a residential complex.

The strategy and branding projectof this residential complex has a communication approach focused on creating community and promoting well-being in a tangible way.
Calma is a premium residential project born from the desire to design homes and spaces with meaning, with why and for what.
A project that generates positive, conscious and healthy environments for the whole family and the environment in which they live.

Under the brand idea: “living positively” a residential project is developed that facilitates the way of life of its inhabitants. A building that proposes spaces with meaning, with why and for what. Functional spaces that allow you to live well and feel better in a conscious and healthy habitat.
A very differentiated naming is created in the sector whose objective is to transmit the benefit it provides: relaxation, balance, harmony and well-being.

In the design of the brand, the vegetation, the sea and the environment are taken as a source of inspiration, the organic and sinuous shapes make up a close and natural brand. A proposal that directly transmits well-being and harmony.
The result is a brand full of sensitivity, naturally inspired, which conveys the spirit of the project: “Connect with you and with the environment”.

Corporate Communication Strategy | Branding