Cookies Policy

1. What Are Cookies

Merely visiting the Web Site does not lead to any personal data that identifies the user being stored automatically. However, certain non-personal information that cannot be identified with the user is collected and stored on vitale‘s servers with the sole purpose of facilitating user navigation and improving Web Site management. This information is collected through cookies, which log such information as the user’s browser and operating system, the IP address from which the user is accessing the Web Site, and user’s preferences as to content layout on the site.

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2. Purpose of Cookies

Cookies are used to collect information about the user’s navigation activity to determine how the user interacts with, and to optimize their navigation experience.

3. Types of Cookies

Cookies used are:

Analytic cookies (Google Analytics): These allow tracking and analysis of the user’s behavior with a view to introducing improvements depending on what use of the Website and its services is made. According to Google, Google Analytics is Google’s website free analysis tool of website analysis that primarily allows owners of the websites to learn how users interact with their website. It also enables cookies on the website domain in which the user finds themselves and uses a block of cookies called “__utma” y “__utmz” to compile anonymous information and to develop tendency reports of websites without identifying individual users personally.

Technical Cookies: These allow the user to navigate through the website and use its various features and services:
csrftoken (provides protection agains Cross Site Request Forgeries)
sessionid (for authentication)

4. Third Party Cookies

Analytic cookies (Google Analytics): Specifically, the cookies used are:


More information about Google Analytics at:

5. Disable Cookies

Users can reject the possibility that we use cookies on their devices by adjusting the settings on their browsers, but doing this will result in a less satisfactory experience that could even become flawed.

Users can set the browser to reject or accept cookies, or set the browser to automatically delete these cookies when the browser, computer or device when the browser is closed. Cookie settings on browsers are performed in the following manner:

Google Chrome on Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies

Firefox on Preferences > Privacy.

Internet Explorer on Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced

Safari on Preferences > Privacy

By browsing this website for the first time, with no cookies from this website, you will see a window giving you information about the use of cookies and a link where you can check this “Cookie Policy” document. If you close the window, you accept/agree to the use of cookies and these will be installed on your device, otherwise the cookies will not be installed and navigation and services on this Website may be limited.

Third Party Cookies on Our Website

Besides the use of cookies by vitale, on our Website we allow third parties to set cookies and gain access to them on your device. Use of cookies from third parties is subject to their own privacy policies, not to vitale‘s privacy policy.