Stand Esmalglass-Itaca, Cersaie

“The reflection of your needs” is the communication hub which supports the corporate design project for this multinational company specialized in development of frits, glazes, pigments, inks and ceramic additives. The stand design creates a dynamic tour, surprising and innovative, which multiplies the product displayed. A tour based on a unique brand experience that enhances the values that differentiate the company.
Darkness of the access tunnel gets visitors into an atmosphere of infinite reflections allowing them to experience the innovative and technological brand attributes (“A reflection of innovation”). The tour continues experiencing the brand creativity (“Creativity experience”) in a bright, lively room that increases sensations and highlights the natural finishes. The visitor is surrounded by tree shadows, sounds of nature and the beauty of exposed material. In the rest of exhibition areas the project communicates the company´s ability to provide solutions tailored to the real needs of their customers (“Infinite solutions”): the ceramic tile murals exposed are surprisingly magnified by infinite reflection technique.

Communication strategy | Interior Design | Exhibition Design
Photos: Esmalglass-Itaca