Interior Design of the Calma Residential Complex

Concept, Strategy, and Design of the Calma Residential Complex

The interior design, branding and naming project of the residential complex have a focus on creating a sense of community and promoting well-being in a tangible way. Calma is a premium residential project that emerges from the desire to design homes and spaces with purpose, with a “why” and a “for what.” It’s a project that generates genuine, conscious, and healthy environments for the entire family and the surrounding community.

Residential Calma promotes a lifestyle centered around physical and emotional well-being.Designed to engage the senses, it inspires relaxation, balance, and harmony. It is a building that encourages self-care through communal spaces that foster healthy habits such as sports, introspection, relaxation, and tranquility. Whether alone or in a community setting, it enables any of the activities necessary to live positively. Open spaces where light and views take center stage, along with luminous residences and functional and inspiring common areas.

Under the brand concept of “living positively,” a residential project is developed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents. Functional spaces that enable a good life and a sense of well-being in a habitat designed for connection. Native character and the surrounding territory are integral parts of the design. These functional spaces allow you to live well and feel better in an environment conceived to connect with yourself and the surroundings. With the purpose of promoting self-connection and connection with the environment, meaningful spaces are recreated: a Mediterranean garden with aromatic plants, olive trees, and orange trees, a pool and sunbathing area, a fitness area, indoor and outdoor social spaces, remote work-friendly spaces, and numerous landscaped relaxation areas to find the perfect place to reside according to your mood.

“To dwell positively” is to live in a residence that facilitates your way of life, making it easier and creating conscious and healthy environments for the entire family and the surrounding community. The project’s objective is to create a residential complex that cares for you, supports you, allows you to live well, and helps you feel better.

Strategy, branding, interior design: Vitale
Architecture: Octogono
Infographics: Suzümo