Naming and Branding: Elisabeth Egio, Orthodontics and Dental Care

New branding project for an orthodontic clinic in Elche, Alicante

Elisabeth Egio, a new branding project for an orthodontic clinic in Elche, Alicante, has been designed to showcase the corporate philosophy of the business by offering a unique and highly differentiated concept in the field of local dental clinics. The clinic, which specializes in orthodontic and pediatric dental treatments, has been designed to encompass all elements and environments of the brand, from communication strategy to branding and interior design. The resulting brand universe is coherent with the business philosophy, exuding harmony, attention to detail, serenity, and innovation.

The brand is formed with the name of the doctor and a tagline that distinctively defines the clinic. The surname “Egio” is chosen as the main identity mark due to its great singularity. The basic geometries that make up the morphology of a mouth and a smile are taken as a source of inspiration. Circles and semicircles intertwine as an ornament to define the doctor’s surname. The brand is defined as a jewel that emphasizes delicacy and detail. The lowercase typography conveys all the honesty and empathy of the business, and is combined with uppercase serif, which is more elegant and timeless, for the doctor’s full name and tagline. This fusion combines experience with harmony, closeness, and trust.]

The corporate colors convey well-being with a calming effect associated with delicacy, softness, and serenity. The result is a very conceptual, honest, and delicate brand with great communication potential. All brand applications that will be used in the clinic’s communication and marketing actions have been designed.

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