Barreda Brand

Naming and brand design for a hospitality equipment company, Castellón

Hopibar’s branding project, which has a long history of more than 50 years, in the sector of comprehensive hospitality equipment, begins with the definition of a new communication strategy that will reposition them in the market. A strategy that defines and energizes the firm within its sector.

The new strategy is aimed at a specialized audience that values comprehensive advice and support. The business is defined as realistic, empathetic and collaborative. Under these premises the brand idea is defined: “We accompany you in your project”, which values common sense and the trust that the company provides.

To improve the perception of a renewed and updated business, a more efficient and direct naming is created. It is linked to the surname of the director of the company, betting on the generational change and the confidence it provides. In addition, brand reading and understanding of the new positioning are improved.

An identity is designed that takes as inspiration the conceptualization of the business products, their basic geometries that make up rings, circles, etc. These figures symbolize, in turn, commitment and trust. The geometric reminiscence and the robustness reflect the industrial spirit, as well as the language of the prescriber, of the professional designer. The result is a highly conceptual brand, easy to read, understandable, honest and simple, with great communicative potential.

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